The Architect Is So Full Of Truth All His Buildings Can Lie

by A. Sea Herndon

The Architect Is So Full of Truth All His Buildings Can Lie


Apology For Devotion Misunderstood

The servants of the Architect largely go unnoticed

kicking around at the corners of convention

looking for shadows in the caves of common sense

cooking sacred cows and touching unclean things

they make strange bedfellows and lousy neighbors

it seems sanest to ignore them

safest to fear them

like one fears a rabid dog

or prophet of God

What smug arrogance they possess!

Flippant fools who ridicule the earnest work of honest men!

How dare they walk through life

as if they have a first-hand knowledge

that we second-hand citizens cannot understand?

They speak of their Great Architect

but build nothing

make nothing

do nothing

If you want to change the building change the map

“If you want to change the building change the map”

they say

as if symbols preceded structures

as if ideas shape outcomes

as if the world was made of words

and the Word made Flesh