A Manifesto of the American Stuckists

by A. Sea Herndon

A Manifesto of the American Stuckists

Original Publication: Saint Lucia Day (December 13) 2006, USA

1. We derive our name from the original London Stuckists (founded 1999), and as such honor their central tenants and manifestos as our own.

2. Many people have had a problem with part or parts of the original manifestos. This is especially true of the statement, “Artists who don’t paint aren’t artists.” You can disagree with this, or any other statements made by the original Stuckist documents, and still join us.

3. In the spirit of Tolerance and Understanding, we aim to be an inclusive group.

4. We have no particular “style” you must adhere to. If your paintings are surreal or traditional, popish or pointillist, is up to you. We are tired of the cyclical Movement A rebels against Movement B of the last century. We embrace all styles of figurative painting. “Stuckism is a non-movement.”

5. What is meaningful in painting today is what well-meaning painters are doing well.

6. “The making of true art is man’s desire to communicate with himself, his fellows, and his God.” (Remodernism).

7. And in that spirit, we will show our paintings in any gallery, show, or museum we see fit. If they welcome us, we welcome them.

8. We are here to make friends, not enemies.

9. Cynicism is out.

10. Irony is overrated.

11. Clever is out.

12. Good is in.

13.Marc Chagall said, “We all know that a good person can be a bad artist. But no one will ever be a genuine artist unless he is a great human being and thus also a good one.”

14. We aim to be good people and great artists.

15. If you are a cranky cynical bastard, stay home.

16. The last century of the last millennium had enough fighting and vitriolic speech to last forever. As the first Art-Movement of the Remodern Age, we have removed the chips from our shoulders, and seek a Spiritual Art of Unity and Peace.

17. May life imitate art.

18. Percy Shelley said, “Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.” We say, “So are Painters.”

19.Cast your whole vote.

20. But we are not a political group; we are painters. You may hold any political belief you like and be a member. Politics destroyed the spiritual aspect of Surrealism. If you are a political painter that is fine, but we are not painting politicians.

21. Likewise we are not a religious group. You may hold any belief you choose.

22. We encourage spiritual painting.

23. The obvious usually isn’t, but the clever always is.

24. The suffering, isolated artist is a dead stereotype.

25. The best paintings are a record of the best thoughts and feelings of the best aspects of the human soul.

26. Be enthusiastic! (from the Greek en theos, filled with God).

27. We are the Good Guys, after all.

28. Welcome to the Remodern Age.

29. We are gratefully stuck here.

30. Go forth and paint.

A. Sea Herndon

December 13, 2006

(Saint Lucia Day)

United States

NOTE: I was briefly a member of the Stuckist Art Movement.  While I still agree with the Manifesto, Remodernism: Towards A New Spirituality In ArtI no longer self-identify as a Stuckist, but have posted my Manifesto here for those requesting to read it.  You can read more about it on the Wikipedia articles for Art Manifesto and Stuckism in the United States.

-A. Sea Herndon, March 2014.