Holy Fool’s Lullaby

by A. Sea Herndon

Holy Fool’s Lullaby

Well I could drink myself to sleep

but what’s the use in countin’ sheep

if the wool that keeps you warm cannot be found?

Well the Lamb of God they say

way back in them Bible days

was quickly curtly run right out of town.

I know it’s a dead man’s walk I pace

and if the whole damn human race

decided they would crawl, I might catch up.

But there’s nothing that I find

with my simple country mind

in all this so-called Progress that measures up.

They’ve put monkeys into space

and projected Man’s disgrace

onto every television on the earth.

But there’s nothing there, I guess

in this whole Postmodern mess

that seems to me to have a lot of worth.

We’ve got cellphone towers for trees

and we connect at such high speeds

but still I feel alone and without shade.

You could promise me the moon

but I guess I’d just as soon

that the moon just stay where it was made.

(c) 2011, A. Sea Herndon (BMI).

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