Requiem (Autumn in Tulsa/Springtime in Perth)

by A. Sea Herndon


It was autumn in Tulsa

and springtime in Perth

when the wedding bells rang out

from St. Joseph’s Church


Where he lay in the alley

with a cross ’round his neck,

like a bottle of Mad Dog

all broken and spent.


No, I didn’t bring flowers,

but I witnessed his death

and stood like a coward

to steal his last breath.


He said, “The problem, you see,

is nearly everyone but me

is a pusillanimous

son of a bitch.


Yeah, they’ll look brave and bold,

they’ll act cool and cold,

but on the Sabbath they will leave you

like an ox in a ditch.”


So I turned back into the rain,

pulled my collar up close,

and forgetting his pain

I headed back home.


‘Cause the sunsets and seasons

are all fictions of this earth:

When it’s autumn in Tulsa,

it’s Spring, springtime in Perth.


(c) 2011, A. Sea Herndon (BMI). Listen to an audio version here.

NOTE: For readers not in the U.S., Mad Dog is American slang for MD 20/20, a cheap fortified wine that is often associated (rightly or wrongly) with the homeless and otherwise disenfranchised.


photo (9)

Happy Vernal Equinox! Backyard peach blossoms in bloom. “Do I dare to eat a peach?” Yes, Prufrock, eat the peach.