To My Bohemian Friends, On Considering Your Audience

by A. Sea Herndon

To My Bohemian Friends, On Considering Your Audience

The bad Southwestern paintings hung with love

upon the faux-stained walls of wealthy dentists’ wives

the tepid pastel abstracts favored by

those minds preoccupied with planning perfect parties

the schmaltzy harmless friendly tunes

piped in among the stacks of kale

to ease the uneasy indigestion

of wholesome healthy liberal-leaning

organic shoppers

the shiny happy dorm room posters plastered:

picture of the Beatles, lock-stepped, crossing Abbey Road

the t-shirts, black, and always darling

on children, white, and always darling

advertising Bob Marley or Nirvana

the Starbuck’s poets’ freshly minted Ginsberg paperbacks

all prove the world still needs transcendence

and no one thirsts for Art like the bourgeois