Paradise Regained (Falling in the Mud at the Park)

by A. Sea Herndon

Paradise Regained (Falling in the Mud at the Park)

He recalls the fruitless trees

She recalls a park, not garden

hand-in-hand they walked as dark

gently softened all that’d hardened

no serpent ever bound or loosed

has power to tempt True Love in youth

and He fell first, back to the mud

from which all Human Life had come

the dust of Adam

Noah’s flood

the wounds of Christ

bumps and bruises



Laughing at the Fall of Man

She reached down

He pulled Her in

She’d never wanted more to fall

He’d never wanted more to rise

no muddy clothes in Paradise

their naked smiles

rejoiced therein

each others eyes

She was you

and He was I

that day with you

in Paradise