Ceiling Fan

by A. Sea Herndon

Ceiling Fan

When I find my perfect center like Vitruvian Man

I will make a perfect circle like a ceiling fan

Then I’ll sing Amazing Grace

Wipe that smile back on my face

And know I’m spinning right through space

Like a ceiling fan

When I met your mother, child, understand

I was no more than a boy, not yet a man

But the Universe is funny

Seems to be made of milk and honey

And it just keeps right on running

Like a ceiling fan

When I see you, girl, naked, toned and tanned

I see the microcosmic/macrocosmic plan:

As above, so below

As in Heaven, so in my Soul

It just rolls and rolls and rolls

Like a ceiling fan

When I see Him on that tree, a dying man

I know there are some things that I don’t comprehend

But the engine of existence

Is a death that is insistent

He just hangs there in resistance

Like a ceiling fan

When I feel like I can’t sing, or speak, or stand

When I’m lonely and alone without a friend

Well, the whole world can dismiss me

But you’re always right there with me

And I know you’ve always been

My ceiling fan

Words & Music, (c) A. Sea  Herndon (BMI) 2012.

Listen to a recorded version here.