The Gospel According to Andy Warhol

by A. Sea Herndon

The Gospel According to Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol starin’ at the priest

Andy Warhol starin’ at the Feast

Saw that Substance hides behind the Style

Saw the God that hides inside the Child

Andy Warhol saw the Bread and Wine

Never met a man he didn’t like

Pimps & thugs & superstars & whores

Enter one and all through open doors

Cans of soup & wine & broken bread

“Everything is sacred,” Andy said

I think I know sometimes what Andy knew

All Art is just an accident of Truth

Holy Ghost, the Father, & the Son

Let the camera roll & the tape deck run

Somethings you do for profit, some for love

Everyone is beautiful or none

Andy Warhol sittin’ on the couch

Andy Warhol kneelin’ at the pew

Andy Warhol starin’ right at me

Andy Warhol starin’ right at you

*Andy Warhol attended Mass almost daily at Saint Vincent Ferrer in Manhattan.

Listen to a recorded version here.

(c) 2013 A. Sea Herndon (BMI).

Andy & JP

Andy & John Paul II. Happy Palm Sunday & Holy Week!