Among The Lilies Browse

by A. Sea Herndon

Among The Lilies Browse

Where has your lover gone,

   O most beautiful among women?

Where has your lover gone

   that we may seek him with you?

My lover has come down to his garden

   to the beds of spice,

To browse in the garden

   and gather lilies.

My lover belongs to me and I to him;

   he browses among the lilies.

                                 -Song of Songs 6:1-3

I browse among the lilies

I ramble ‘neath the trees

With only ever thoughts of you

Do you ever think of me?

On moonlit nights by candle lights

At sunrise or sunset

In sudden silent moments

Am I easy to forget?

My mind is often absent

But my heart, it never was

Pourquoi? Pourquoi.

The Why is the Because

The lilies have all withered here

I browse among them still

The earth is hard and frozen

But I yoke myself and till

I work all day I work all night

Harvesting at flowers

That do not seem existent

In these uncertain hours

But I have seen you planting bulbs

In the shadows of the dead

And pray that like a halo

A bulb will light above my head

I do not know the season

And I do not know the hour

Lost to species, genus

But know the family and the flower

The family is a holy one

Subsumed by class and kingdom

And if the flower be many-named

All of them, I’d sing them

But multi-named or singular

The flower’s one alone

And its beauty and its brilliance

Is none other than your own

I toil in the this soil dark

Divinity to dowse

And loving longing look for you

Among the lilies browse

A. Sea Browsing For Lilies Outside The Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, New York

A. Sea Browsing For The Lily of the Valley Outside The Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, New York.