The Ghost of Christmas Passed

by A. Sea Herndon

The Ghost of Christmas Passed

The Ghost of Christmas passed today

and there was fear and quaking

my heart beat fast, my body swayed

and both my hands were shaking

“Benign essential tremor,”

the neurologist did say

But this man knows a miracle

when one comes swimming up his way

It swam right up, swam right past

swam like the Holy Spirit

and standing cold in mortal frost

I knew I did not merit

such sacred visitations

in such salty sinful sorrowed flesh

such mystic revelations

to a borrowed life betrothed to death

with all the palpitations

that come with ecstasy and fear

and all the excitations

of memories of years and years

amidst annihilation

but He what made the Universe

born forth in blood and tears

took on this humble human form

brings forth the joy of sinful men

’cause first it brings them fear

The monumental sacred act

the real-time real world simple fact:

Word made flesh

abolished death

fearful, fearful, fearful rest

I’ve made my bed in a crèche of straw

I’ve made my bed in a tomb of stone

Good God, let me repent it

What I have done, I’ve done alone

I’ve made my bed

I’ve made my bed

And yet you come and sleep in it

A.  Sea Herndon, channeling the Ghost of Christmas Past. 20 Days 'til the Christmas Vigil!

A. Sea Herndon, channeling the Ghost of Christmas Past. 20 days ’til the Christmas Vigil!