Adam’s Seed

by A. Sea Herndon

Adam’s Seed

In this land of Free and Brave

‘neath purpled mountains bruised with shame

the bloodied amber fields are paved

with tiny unmourned infant graves:

No R.I.P.’s, no family names,

the sole inscription: biowaste.

As Progress digs with spades of haste,

we shop online, smartphones displayed,

vaguely anxious of climate change.

The Holocene meets Judgment Day.

Repent! Repent, Oh Roe v. Wade

for soon we join them in the grave.

From founding father to unbreathed breath,

give me liberty and I choose death.

A woman’s right to choose, her own

unless she’s killed in utero.



“Poets, come out of your closets, 
Open your windows, open your doors, 
You have been holed-up too long 
in your closed worlds. 
Come down, come down…

…All you Catholic anarchists of poetry…

…Awake and walk in the open air.”

-Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Populist Manifesto No. 1



L’enfant terrible, 2008.