To Our Lady of the Broken Rosary

by A. Sea Herndon

To Our Lady of the Broken Rosary

Though my lips are not worthy

To sing of your name

O Mother Faultless

Born without blame

I, shameful sinner,

Stand stained in sin

With a soul foul and black

As the ink of this pen

I pray, Holy Mother,

You show me the way

And guide this lost child

From Night into Day

Show me your Love

And the Mercy of Christ

So may all my failures

Lead others to Life

Pray guide me to Goodness

Pray guide me to Love

To your Holy Son Jesus

And His Father above

My rosary’s broken

As broke as my heart

Please sew back, Dear Mama

What this fool’s torn apart

Please pick up your child

And wipe dry his tears

Kiss all his bruises

And ease all his fears

Cradle me, Mother

And rock me to sleep

Brush back my hair

Saying, “Child, don’t weep”

Sing to me, Mama

A lullaby song

Tell me it’s okay

And to be big and strong

Play with me, Mother

And teach me to play

By myself and with others

To be grateful each day

For what God has given

For what God has withheld

For all of the roses

I’m beginning to smell

Sit by me, Mother

And hold this weak hand

And raise me like Jesus

To be a good man

Help me be a good father

Help me be a good son

Help me be a good husband

Help me follow the One

The One who is Three

The Three who are One

The Spirit and Father

And your Holy Son

We are all family

And you are our Mom

And just as His Kingdom

May your Queendom come!