Je Suis Charlie

by A. Sea Herndon


Charles the Great

What the Sea stands for

in my middle name

Ideas kill more than bullets can

I am a man

I am the man

I suffered there

There I died

but rose again

on Eastertide

if your god or prophet falls

by mockery or schoolyard calls

of names

then name what name that demon has

God needs defense from fooling clowns?

what matters what the Prophet says

if those who read him

kill cold blood dead

some jester’s jest for liberty?

If that be your god

that be your law

then you & he an evil lot

you worship not the God of Abraham

but murder & are already damned

Love not law

Love not law

Sad bloody ink has tried to draw

You’ve put the trigger to the pen

Just to invigor men

To love, to love, to love

to love with hope

your noose to us

a binding rope

a binding rope of faith & love

for your’s below

is your’s above

May God have mercy on your souls

for, unlike you, He takes a joke


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