Final Exam

by A. Sea Herndon

Final Exam

The unexamined life is not worth living.”


The unlived life

Is not worth examining

Don’t roll up dead

In fear and famining

Write poems large

Upon the wall

Skip old fashions

Drink high balls

Wear your happy

Wounded, bleeding heart

Upon your sleeve

And call it Art

Don’t ever let

A day go by

Where tears don’t

Well up in your eyes

Where Beauty doesn’t

Make you cry

Where life itself

Won’t mystify

Be the one

With the loudest laugh

Eat the wheat

And smoke the chaff

Read every book

That is obscure

Be grateful for

All you endure

Smile and wink

At the homely girls

Cast the swine

Before the pearls

Dance and sing

And whistle and fuck

On your final exam

I wish you luck

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Grandfather’s grave.  He never fought in any war, but he always fought the good fight!