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The Missing Body of Garcia Lorca

The Missing Body of Garcia Lorca

he is not in the churchyard

nor buried in the fields

the sea did not swallow him

nor fire consume him

you, world, you killed him

& he has left you forever


the relics of saints

we place in altarpieces

but the bones of a poet

transcend this world

& they will never find him

who know not where to look


The Catastrophe of the Apple

The Catastrophe of the Apple

God said don’t eat the thing

The serpent said go ahead

Eve said it looks good

So she ate it

& gave it to Adam

he ate it too

then one fell

on Sir Isaac Newton’s head

& voila gravity

only Einstein proved him wrong

I don’t believe in gravity

& as for apples

I don’t eat the fucking things

Rich Young Man

Rich Young Man

Jesus, looking at him, loved him.”

-The Gospel According to St. Mark 10:21

Once I was a rich young man

With a future, wife, and a master plan

These days I’m not so rich or young

And all my plans have been far-flung

Genetically I engineer

Needle-eyed size camels here

The most selfish man you’ve ever known

Whose Id has shrank, but Ego’s grown

The Teacher said “Sell all you own

And give the money to the poor

Then come, young man, and follow me

I am the Way, I am the door.”

This really knocked me on the floor

Pulled out the chair

But lying there and looking up

I finally saw

What I couldn’t see

And am now poor but all grown up



I once was found

But now am lost

But that’s okay

I love the dross

Good-bye Easter

Hello Pentecost

I’ll light a fire

To stop the flood

A mighty wind

A drop of blood

I’ll wear some red

You do the same

Take a chance

And a Christian name

We don’t fight fires

We bridges burn

Guide us forward

We need to learn

Time, an arrow,

It is not

Let’s speak in tongues

My polyglot

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Final Exam

Final Exam

The unexamined life is not worth living.”


The unlived life

Is not worth examining

Don’t roll up dead

In fear and famining

Write poems large

Upon the wall

Skip old fashions

Drink high balls

Wear your happy

Wounded, bleeding heart

Upon your sleeve

And call it Art

Don’t ever let

A day go by

Where tears don’t

Well up in your eyes

Where Beauty doesn’t

Make you cry

Where life itself

Won’t mystify

Be the one

With the loudest laugh

Eat the wheat

And smoke the chaff

Read every book

That is obscure

Be grateful for

All you endure

Smile and wink

At the homely girls

Cast the swine

Before the pearls

Dance and sing

And whistle and fuck

On your final exam

I wish you luck

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Grandfather’s grave.  He never fought in any war, but he always fought the good fight!

May 22

May 22

Everything is Art again

Truth and Beauty always win

I eat the apple

And the skin

The Fall of Man

Just to refresh

The spirit, mind,

And ruddy flesh

And let us know

That we are blessed

There’s nothing else

To say, I guess

There’s not much else

To understand

I love you all

More than I can

And piecemeal

Peace descended like a dove

It looked like rain

But felt like love



May, she is the kindest month

Can you see that Truth?

Lovers meet in apple groves


I pledge my love to you

Never will that season cease

Eternal is that rose

Deny me, if you must

Each heart must beat its own

Wills & wants

I understand

Thoughts control our fates

Thoughts are the least I owe

Hope is the recurrent theme

Even in blunt prose

Resurrection woven in

Nature and the stars

Deserts become jungles

Oceans now dry land

Nothing lasts; all is born again

Je Suis Charlie


Charles the Great

What the Sea stands for

in my middle name

Ideas kill more than bullets can

I am a man

I am the man

I suffered there

There I died

but rose again

on Eastertide

if your god or prophet falls

by mockery or schoolyard calls

of names

then name what name that demon has

God needs defense from fooling clowns?

what matters what the Prophet says

if those who read him

kill cold blood dead

some jester’s jest for liberty?

If that be your god

that be your law

then you & he an evil lot

you worship not the God of Abraham

but murder & are already damned

Love not law

Love not law

Sad bloody ink has tried to draw

You’ve put the trigger to the pen

Just to invigor men

To love, to love, to love

to love with hope

your noose to us

a binding rope

a binding rope of faith & love

for your’s below

is your’s above

May God have mercy on your souls

for, unlike you, He takes a joke


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To Our Lady of the Broken Rosary

To Our Lady of the Broken Rosary

Though my lips are not worthy

To sing of your name

O Mother Faultless

Born without blame

I, shameful sinner,

Stand stained in sin

With a soul foul and black

As the ink of this pen

I pray, Holy Mother,

You show me the way

And guide this lost child

From Night into Day

Show me your Love

And the Mercy of Christ

So may all my failures

Lead others to Life

Pray guide me to Goodness

Pray guide me to Love

To your Holy Son Jesus

And His Father above

My rosary’s broken

As broke as my heart

Please sew back, Dear Mama

What this fool’s torn apart

Please pick up your child

And wipe dry his tears

Kiss all his bruises

And ease all his fears

Cradle me, Mother

And rock me to sleep

Brush back my hair

Saying, “Child, don’t weep”

Sing to me, Mama

A lullaby song

Tell me it’s okay

And to be big and strong

Play with me, Mother

And teach me to play

By myself and with others

To be grateful each day

For what God has given

For what God has withheld

For all of the roses

I’m beginning to smell

Sit by me, Mother

And hold this weak hand

And raise me like Jesus

To be a good man

Help me be a good father

Help me be a good son

Help me be a good husband

Help me follow the One

The One who is Three

The Three who are One

The Spirit and Father

And your Holy Son

We are all family

And you are our Mom

And just as His Kingdom

May your Queendom come!

Reconcilable Differences

Reconcilable Differences

There are no “fuck you’s” in any of my prayers

if there are “goddamns” they squarely point at me

I know not what monster you’ve imagined

I know not what monster I have been

Like Jacob’s Ladder I climb stairs

but all they all slip out from under me

a monster monstrously in-saddened

two it takes to reconcile sin

I failed

I failed

I failed

I failed

I failed

I failed myself, my God, and you

Suicide is easy as a nightmare

Forgiveness hard as nails pound to a tree